For the first time ever, thrash metal pioneers Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax will share the same stage at the 2010 Sonisphere Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria on Tuesday, June 22nd.  Fans here in the United States who are dying to see this historic concert are in luck as NCM Fathom has teamed up with BY EXPERIENCE for a "1 Night Only" broadcast of this concert in select threatres across the US.
According to the official website, the event will take place at 7:30pm local time, lasting roughly 4 hours and will include exclusive backstage footage taken at the show.  For a full list of theatres CLICK HERE.
Somethings fans should be made aware of before making the trip out to their local theatre is that ticket prices are $18 a piece...there will be no mosh pits (at least one would think)...and also this is NOT a live broadcast.  The concert will take place at 3:00pm local time in Sofia which is 8:00am EST here in the United States.  What you'll be watching is pre-recorded concert footage taken earlier in the day and what will most likely end up on DVD and blu-ray somewhere down the road.

I'm personally on the fence about seeing this, mainly due to the inflated ticket prices and my belief that this will get an official DVD release later this year.  And honestly, this is something I'd rather watch at home anyway...it just seems awkward sitting in a packed movie theatre, watching a 4 hour thrash metal concert.  I mean, what are you supposed to do?  Headbang in your seat?  Just sitting in a movie theatre for 4 hours alone would suck.  The only plus side is that Metallica will be headlining and playing last, which would be the perfect opportunity to dip out early if you needed to.  After all, you wouldn't be missing much since they haven't put on a good show in the last 15 years.


real metallica fan
06/22/2010 9:32pm

Haven't put on a good show in 15 years? Clearly you didn't catch them on the world magnetic tour. They may have released some crappy albums but their shows have never stopped being great

real metal fan
06/25/2010 3:58am

Sorry but the author is right mostly bad songs = mostly bad show


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