Indie filmmaker and good friend of MovieMassacre.com, Cameron McCasland, recently contacted me regarding a series of public service announcements he directed, starring Nashville horror host Dr. Gangrene.

Now in its third year, the "Go Green with Dr. Gangrene" series has garnered national acclaim with over a dozen awards including a citation from The Governor of Tennessee Phil Bredesen, a special humanitarian award at the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, and multiple Emmy nominations.
The shorts will be broadcast on WNAB CW 58 out of Nashville and simultaneously screened via www.drgangrene.com and the Dr. Gangrene youtube page. WNAB is the home of Dr. Gangrenes Creature Feature a weekly monster movie show that stars Dr. Gangrene.

The shorts are all filmed in glorious black & white, which director Cameron McCasland stated “We wanted to give the feel of the classic monster movies that both Larry and myself adore so much. In a world of high definition color television, the accolades just goes to show that people still share that affection. “

You can check out all 3 of their excellent PSA spots below.  I'm holding out hopes for a feature film in which The Creature from the Black Lagoon goes after the CEO of BP for the offshore drilling debacle in the Gulf.

06/25/2010 8:28pm

Thanks so much for spotlighting our PSA campaign. I really appreciate it, and btw, your site kicks ass!

06/29/2010 10:09pm

No problem man! I really enjoyed the PSA spots...You, Cameron and Brandon did an awesome job!


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